When the CDC just asked me to complete a survey, my final comments went something like this:

"Why not share/talk about the role good nutrition has in preventing sickness, as well as clean food, clean air, clean water, clean personal care products, but especially clean foods with less-"intended" added sugar, and last but certainly not last behavioral mindset and resolutions for all of the above. *"

Our bodies were not designed for all the additives and toxins in our food and personal care products, or in our water and air, and more.  It doesnt know what to do with all of the junk we are "fed," so it comes out in the forms of sickness, skin issues and way more,  and then layer all that with various medications prescribed with side effects because people believe its their only option/choice.  Some medications do have their rightful place don't get me wrong, but when we are armed with better information and know better, we can do better, and we absolutely do have options and can do better.  

Irritability may be triggered by sugar. Mood is definitely affected by it.

*Did you know Sugar is intentionally added into foods where it shouldn't be to make us addicted, which then perpetuates the vicious cycle of ill health.  It's sickening to know this is actually happening, and perpetuating a sick-care system.

I am for preventative health care and overall wellness.  What does YOURWellnessJourney look like?  

There are absolutely things you can do to!:) 💃🏻  I have some solutions.  If you'd like to learn more and gain some tips and solutions, be sure to continue following me on FB: YOURWellnessJourneyNow, 
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