Who's body is this anyway? Surely, you must be mistaken!  I'm still 23, right?
Anyone in the trenches of those mid-life women's funster happenings, and wondering "who's body this is anyway?"  From the dry skin, to the saggy skin, to the mood swings, night sweats, day sweats, crying jags, freezing cold, low libido, like where did my 23 year old self go, right?  I mean really!  What is this!?

No one prepared me for this, and yet for me - thank God it's not horrible.  Do I have all of those things above - yes, but not to the degree some do, so for those of you really suffering, just know I have your back.  You know I'm the prayer Queen first.

Second though - you know I love helping people, and I get to do that in my line of work.  I don't know if this would be for you or not, "but hey - if it's not - we got options.  Ya hear me?  We got options." (That was in the voice of Anthony Soprano.)

Thank God, Young Living has us covered from head to toe in wellness options.  There are some oils too, but maybe this could help!

If you're strugglin', you don't have to.:)  Help is right around the corner!  PM me, if you want some options.:)

Until then, stay "cool,' or "hot," whatever makes ya feel good! LOL  (Couldn't help maself with that one - sorry, not sorry)


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