Preparing for a good night's rest
Each day, I actually look forward to bedtime.  It's the time of day I finally give myself permission to think about me.:). I find the best way to wind down and get a good nights sleep is to make myself be in bed at the same time each night.  Often times I like to take a nice shower just to relax and ease any possible tension from the day. Once I do that, I apply my favorite essential oil called Stress Away (you can even order with member pricing, right from this site, if you choose to give it a go:). This is the first oil I was introduced to and fell in love with. I use it throughout the day with a few others to keep me grounded and calm.   In the evening, it works in a way that just helps ease me into sleep, which is interesting. For some of my troubled sleepers, I recommend also adding our lavender to the bedtime routine either by diffusing it by your bedside and/or putting a little on your pillowcase.  For a deeper, more restful, sleep apply some to your feet.:). Then I do a nice bedtime meditation that most often puts me right out. When I follow this routine I sleep well and I wake up well rested.:). Wishing you a more peaceful sleep tonight. 🛌 😴 💤 💃🏻🕺 


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