To WHOM are you giving credit?
I find it fascinating when people take full credit for things they have done/accomplished in life is because of what they/themselves or their teams of helpers have done.  Don't ge me wrong - it is important we carry through the plans we set and thank those that help us along the way, and many are doing this, which is GREAT.  While we may do the work and carry out the plan alone or or with help from others, does go deeper than that for you; i.e., where do you think the creativity, strength, resources and endurance ultimately, come from?  Are we are of something so much greater than ourselves.🙂. I believe we are.  Ya know - I have always been a stickler for people taking credit for other people's work.  Now I look at it on a much larger scale.  What about us?  Are we taking credit for all we are doing, or are we thanking God for all his gifts in us, and resources, to do His work and carry out His mission.🙂.  He doesnt need us, but he often uses us, for us.  Make sense?  Are we really on a journey of learning weather we realize and accept it, or not?  I believe we are.:) This pic  is from Hosea 1:7


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