Food sensitivities/allergies - Over the years, and after very careful self study/scrutiny, I have learned that certain foods absolutely affect how I feel emotionally and physically, and corn is one of them.  I have since read many articles like this one.  I am sharing because you may have loved ones, or you yourself, may not even realize this "may" be a factor for you too. I love me some good salsa and chips, and I even enjoyed some the other night, and left it in God's hands.  I prayed I would feel fine after, and it wasn't to bad the next day, but I definitely felt the sadness.  One "could" say, we'll you just manifested a self-fulfilling prophecy, but there are times when I eat something and don't even think twice about it, not even right after I eat it, UNTIL I start not feeling well emotionally or physically.  Then I have to start asking myself, "ok, what did I eat yesterday and/or the day before (because sometimes it takes a while for it to clear my system).  Dairy is another one that gets me, and at times I still enjoy it because I just do, but at times, I will pay for that pleasure.  Just "food" for thought. Here's an article that my shed some light:


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